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1Life Health and Wellness Consulting Geelong & Melbourne

1Life HEALTH + WELLNESS CONSULTING is a Victorian based company developed to bring health and wellness to the workplace and community.

Assisting people to live their lives today, in the present, with thought to the future

1Life was developed to assist employers in providing their staff with an environment and culture of health and wellbeing whilst at work. After all, almost one-third of adult life is spent at work. The workplace therefore provides a key avenue to influence the health of staff and their families.

Research shows that workplace health and wellness programs are extremely successful in improving employee health and wellness, workplace culture, morale and productivity and reducing absenteeism. Additionally, return on investment is estimated at a return of $5.81 for every dollar invested in a workplace health and wellness program.

At 1Life HEALTH + WELLNESS CONSULTING our point of difference is we work closely with employers and employees to develop a program tailor made for each workplace. Engaging with employers and staff closely ensures each workplace program is custom designed according to the organisation’s needs, providing the best possible outcomes and maximising return on investment.

Partnering with Garmin to include their activity trackers in our programs allows us to collect and analyse data from each workplace and allows us to provide valuable feedback to the workplace confirming improvement and return on investment.

“The program has helped me feel stronger physically which as enabled me to be stronger mentally and cope better with life’s little hiccups” – Jodie Couch – TDHS