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taniaTania Leishman has a wealth of experience in the health and wellness field, owning her own Personal Training business for many years and undertaking an array of courses with a focus on nutrition, weight management and functional training. In 2010 Tania headed back to University to undertake a Health Science Degree majoring in Nutrition, Exercise Science and Health Promotion.

After completing her Bachelor Degree Tania worked in the health promotion field in a community health setting and also developed a workplace health and wellness program at her place of employment. It was during this time Tania also completed Level 3 in Wellness Coaching and was amazed at how powerful coaching was when working with clients that had previously been resistant to change.

‘When we shift the focus from prescription to facilitation clients become empowered to direct their own journey to wellness.”

After achieving amazing results with the participants in her workplace Tania decided it was time to branch out on her own and develop a more holistic, comprehensive program, custom made for each workplace. “1Life Health and Wellness not only focuses on nutrition and physical activity, it also incorporates into the program, smoking cessation, sleep, mindfulness strategies and positive psychology”. Tania is currently undertaking a course with the Academy of Neuroscience to expand her knowledge of how to bring evidence-based research on brain health, performance, and thriving to a larger audience.

“My passion is and always has been to assist people to realise their vision for health and wellness. What has changed over my time as a Personal Trainer and then going on to become a Wellness Coach is my approach when working alongside people. Where once I told people what they needed to do to and just expected they would do it, now I assist people to reach their goals and realise their vision by supporting and empowering them to take control of their life both at work and at home.”



“Tania and I worked on a research trial investigating the use of incentives to increase physical activity. Tania was instrumental to the success of the trial, ensuring the intervention was rigorously managed, and the technology we used to measure the data, wearable trackers, met our research needs. Tania’s communication skills are outstanding, and importantly, her passion for improving health outcomes for individuals was ever present.”

Dr Josie Daw

Senior Innovation Officer

Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth)