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Benefits of being physically active

Being ‘physically inactive’ means not doing enough physical activity (not meeting the Australian P.A guidelines). However being ‘sedentary’ means sitting or lying for long periods of time. So even though a person may be physically active or meet the P.A guidelines they may still be considered sedentary if they spend a large amount of their day sitting at work or home. Sedentary behaviour is associated with poorer health conditions including increased risk of chronic disease and obesity.

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What foods should we be eating?

Ever heard the expression ‘You are what you eat’? This is not a silly statement, our bodies are made up of a set of systems, and the food we eat is the fuel for these systems. Our bodies are constantly repairing and rebuilding, if we fill it with cheap, poor quality fuel, then why are we surprised when our bodies function at less than optimum.

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1Life – Goal setting

Importance of creating ‘your’ own vision and goals

Effective goals reflect participant’s feelings, needs, values, and desires that motivate and sustain behaviour change. Research shows that motivation and willpower are exhaustible, for people to be successful in realising their vision they must relate to their vision and goals.

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