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Corporate Health and Wellness Program

Workplace health and wellness Melbourne & Geelong

At 1Life HEALTH + WELLNESS CONSULTING provides the support, guidance, education, activities and environment necessary to help employees make sustainable life style changes to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Programs are custom created for each workplace, ensuring your health and wellness program is the right fit for you, your staff and your workplace environment. Staff are consulted from the onset of program design, this helps maximise staff engagement and commitment.

1Life priority areas:

  • Educate, encourage and provide support to increase daily physical activity
  • Educate, encourage and support improved nutritional choices
  • Improve self-reported health and wellbeing (physical and mental) of employees
  • Provide support to cease smoking – qualified smoking cessation specialist
  • Organisational policies and management support aligned with program goals
  • Effective resourcing, communication and marketing of the program and its activities
  • Involve staff in the continued development, implementation and evaluation of the program
  • Ongoing support from wellness coaches
  • Education and support in behavioural change
  • Program coordinator available to provide constant support for participants
  • Teams within program structure encourage supportive environment
  • Include challenges and incentives to enhance enthusiasm

Participants will have access to:

  • Comprehensive reporting of workplace challenges and team progress
  • Wellness coaching – 1:1, email, phone
  • Training programs
  • Physical activity education, presentations and resources
  • Nutrition education, presentations and resources
  • Comprehensive education of Garmin product and Garmin Connect Dashboard
  • Wellness newsletters
  • Smoking cessation strategies
  • Sleep strategies
  • Mindfulness and positive psychology philosophies and techniques
  • Presentations on all aspects of health and wellness

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