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Goal setting

Goal setting coaching Melbourne & Geelong

At 1Life we work with participants during Wellness Coaching sessions to help them identify what is important to them, their values and desires. As Wellness Coaches, it is important for us to enable clients to think about the specific actions and behaviours they want to do on a regular basis, in working towards their vision. We help clients identify what it is they really want, but more importantly why they want it….. It is the why that matters the most and will help them realise their vision when motivation wanes.

“I am simply ‘in control’ and that’s the best feeling in the world” – Donna

Setting goals helps us to:

  • Direct our attention and effort toward goal relevant activities
  • Gives us long-term vision
  • Helps to energise us and assist with motivation and persistence

Goals are dreams with deadlines – Diana Scharf Hunt