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Mindfulness and Behaviour Change

Mindfulness training Melbourne & Geelong

At 1Life HEALTH + WELLNESS CONSULTING we can assist participants to focus on the moment, through attention-training techniques and strategies that short circuit the auto-pilot default mode, and focus on the senses, the ‘here and now’. Doing this repeatedly activates the prefrontal regions of the brain, in time this part of the brain grows stronger and the default mode areas become weaker making it effortless to be in the moment.

Research shows that mindfulness can be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, increasing resilience and peace of mind. It has also been shown to enhance memory and concentration, improving study and work performance. Mindfulness also has a positive effect on relationships both personal and in the workplace, when we practice mindfulness our listening skills are enhanced which ensures a more positive connection with family, friends and colleagues.

1Life HEALTH + WELLNESS CONSULTING one on one individual or group sessions help participants adopt mindfulness strategies and techniques

To learn more about how mindfulness helps us to change unhealthy habits, read our blog post.