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Nutrition – Eating for Life

Nutrition Consultations Melbourne & Geelong

At 1Life Health + Wellness Consulting we show you how to eat for life!

We can provide:

  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Food and Beverage policy development or review
  • Support to include healthy food options in the canteen or with your food service provider
  • Personal consultations
  • Group consultations


  • Mindful eating
  • Label reading
  • What a serving size looks like
  • How to make nutritious food fun for the whole family
  • Moderation is the key; no food is ‘bad’ food
  • Fuelling for sport
  • Eating for ‘One’
  • Easy healthy lunches
  • Eating out
  • Increasing fibre in your diet
  • Gut bacteria and how it effects your health

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